Thursday, November 23, 2006

Funny gymnast compilation

Contains several very funny gymnast bloopers.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Unlucky fall at Chicago marathon

I thought this was really unlucky, because he fell one foot from finish line and he finished in hospital.

But he won in the end.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

How to turn £60 junk into the world's fastest car?

Wolverhampton man has spent 25 years and £100,000 on turning a £60 banger into the world's fastest car.

It is a 34-year-old Vauxhall Victor - but this Black Country car has more acceleration than a Formula One car. Andy Frost has turned the saloon he picked up for the equivalent of £60 into a world beater in the field of drag racing.He smashed through the eight-second barrier for completing the quarter-mile course at Santa Pod in the European finals over the weekend - hitting a speed of more than 183mph in his extensively-modified Vauxhall VX 4/90.

Car, known as Red Victor 2, used to put out around 1,500hp and was capable of hitting 60mph in 1.1 seconds.

But this still wasn’t fast enough for the father-of-three who runs Penn Autos in Springhill Lane, Wolverhampton.

He even decided not to compete in the Custom Car Street Eliminator class this season, so he could work on boosting the power of the giant 9.3 litre Chevrolet V8 engine in Red Victor 2.

“It’s taken me this long to get it right but all the hard work has paid off,” said Andy, whose car is now the fastest street-legal drag car of its type in the world.

He has now got the turbocharged engine generating an awesome 2,200hp - and reckons there’s another 300hp to come.

Red Victor 2 can hit 140mph in around five seconds and reaches 183 in 7.8 seconds -Êyet is taxed, tested, and insured and can be driven on public roads.

“This, of course, will be faster when I develop the car further,” said Andy, whose next meeting is the National finals at Santa Pod in October.

“We will race in the last round of Street Eliminator to not only try to win the meeting, but to set a new record.

“If track conditions are good and the car stays as reliable as it has this previous weekend we should be able to do it.”

He added he would be returning to competitive action next year now that he had got the car right.

“The pressure will be on because everyone knows what the car is capable of, and I will be expected to win every event.”

Andy thanked Altiss Engineering who did the conversion on the car and Snap-on dealer Raj Singh, who supplied him with tools to work on the car.

Andy : "We could've had a bigger house. But we have a unique car faster than any other on the road."

Wife Debbie : "The car's become like one of the family."

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Why does a team that competes in Champions League comes to a match by metro?

Spartak Moscow players had to revert to an unorthodox way to reach the stadium for their Champions League match against Inter Milan on Tuesday.

Russians almost missed the start of the game after being stuck in traffic on their way to the Luzhniki Olympic stadium and had to use the Moscow underground to get to the arena.

Spartak Moscow

Champions League

It proved their undoing as Julio Cruz struck just 58 seconds into the match and Inter held on for a 1-0 victory.

Vladimir Fedotov

Spartak coach Vladimir Fedotov blamed the notorious Moscow gridlock for his team's bad start to the match.

Moscow Traffic

Luzhniki Olympic stadium

"As you know we got stuck in traffic and had to take the metro to the stadium," he told Russian television after the match.

"We were running late, thus we didn't have a proper warm-up and it all contributed to our poor play at the beginning. Unfortunately, we paid dearly for our mistakes."